What makes a flower girl?

...well, flowers of course!

Lots of my brides have decided to have little flower girls in the wedding party, but are often unsure on the most suitable floral designs for them to wear or carry. Well, I think the clue is in the name – they definitely need flowers in some form or another! However, the most suitable way to incorporate flowers into their outfits will depend very much on age and the ability to carry something nicely without using it as a weapon to attack the page boys!

If you are having adult or teenage bridesmaids and your flower girls are not too much younger (say in the 9 – 12 age bracket), you will probably find that they are happier carrying something very similar to the older bridesmaids. I usually make smaller (and cheaper) versions of the bridesmaid posies for girls who prefer to feel grown up. You can find lots of ideas for these in my previous blog about bridesmaid designs.

If you would like your flower girls to carry something different to the typical bridesmaid posies, I often suggest a little basket of flowers, which can be filled with the same flowers used in the posies. I usually make these as an open basket with a ribbon covered handle, although it is possible to buy little wicker baskets too if you prefer a more traditional look.

Blue & white flower baskets

Lovely Lily-of-the-valley

It was a dream come true when Laura asked me to do the wedding party flowers for her marriage to Christopher in April. Laura loves gorgeous scented lily-of-the-valley, and it just so happens that I do too! Laura came along to her first consultation with a picture of Kate Middleton's pretty bouquet that she wanted me to recreate, but when we chatted a bit more we decided to add in some other gorgeous dusky flowers to work with Laura's colour scheme, and to create something really unique for her. Let me know what you think of the results!

Laura's colour scheme was quite unusual and I think the results are stunning.... to see more of the flower designs from her wedding do pop across to the featured wedding spot on my website. Love that pink gypsophila, don't you?

rose and lily-of-the-valley bouquet with pink gypsophila posies

And if you need any ideas for your own unique wedding flower designs do contact me to arrange for a consultation.

Helen x

Flowers for your bridesmaids?

Although it’s not essential for your bridesmaids to carry flowers at your wedding, it is a lovely way of using flowers to pull your theme and colour scheme together. The colour of your bridesmaids’ dresses will often be a key part of your colour scheme anyway, and you can choose flowers to complement or contrast with them depending on the effect you want to achieve. I usually suggest using some of the same flowers as in the bridal bouquet too so that your flower designs all look good together.

If your bridesmaids are carrying flowers it gives them something to do with their hands which looks quite natural, particularly when you are all being photographed (just think of a football team photo and you’ll know what I mean!), and it will be so lovely to see lots of gorgeous flowers in your wedding photos. And if they take care to put them in water they should be able to enjoy them for several days after the wedding.

So here are a few ideas for some very special flowers for your bridesmaids:

Blue & lavender spring bridesmaid flowers

Choosing your Bouquet

Where to start? There are just so many gorgeous flowers available in fabulous colours, and lots of different styles of bouquet to choose from too. Deciding on your bridal bouquet will be one of the most important decisions to make as far as your wedding flowers are concerned - don't forget that your bouquet will be on show throughout your wedding and will feature in the photos you will be admiring for years to come. So my best advice is.... follow your heart!

When brides visit me for a consultation they often already have a clear idea of the sort of bouquet they long for - with the availability of websites, wedding blogs, pinterest etc., it's not difficult to find photos of bridal bouquets and some will usually stand out as the favourites. The challenge is in putting across to your florist what is in your head, as it will usually be an amagalmation of different bouquets that you have seen, with your own twist on it of course! Brides may not know the right terminology to explain what they are looking for and many do not know the names of more than a few flowers, or when particular flowers will be available. I tend to show brides examples of different styles and colours to get a good idea of what they are looking for, before we start talking about individual flowers - although, if you have a favourite flower you are keen to feature it's always a good idea to let the florist know as this can be a good indicator of your preferred style.

Here are some ideas to start you off:

Classic white hand tied bouquets

Laura's gorgeous summer wedding!

With lots of summer wedding planning underway, my thoughts turned to Laura and James's gorgeous summer wedding from last year and I just couldn't resist sharing some photos of their special day with you. I just loved working on this wedding - the flowers Laura chose were so pretty and the designs had a really vintage/ country feel. Lots of pale pink and cream roses, feathery astilbe and dainty white gypsophila, with greyish-green foliage to set the flower colours off. Laura looked so beautiful in her ivory wedding gown and I just loved the lavender blue colour she chose for her bridesmaids dresses. To see what you think take a peek at the featured wedding in my gallery

The venue was the fabulous Orton Hall Hotel in Peterborough and the room looked wonderful when it was all set up - crisp white table linen and chair covers with cream sashes and gorgeous candelabra centrepieces to create maximum impact!

Wedding reception at Orton Hall Peterborough

Evening Standard article

I was so excited to be featured in an article in the London Evening Standard yesterday, all about people changing career and the importance of vocational qualifications in this respect. Many of you will know that I moved from financial services to floristry at the grand age of 50 after starting a City & Guilds flloristry course on a part time basis. And 5 years later here I am!!

Don't forget flowers for Mum!

I'm a Mum and I have three gorgeous daughters :-) Unfortunately they no longer buy me flowers for Mother's Day in case I don't think they are up to standard - that's the flowers not the daughters!

I know how much I enjoyed receiving flowers though before I trained as a florist, and at this time of year they are especially welcome after the long dreary winter months and with the warm spring sunshine bringing all those lovely bulbs into flower. So if you think your mum deserves a treat next Sunday, do get in touch and let me know which of my gorgeous bouquets you think she would like. I will be making them in the colour combinations you can see here:

Or if Mum lives too far away to receive one of my bouquets, perhaps you would like to bring her along to a floristry workshop next time she visits? I'm happy to arrange vouchers for a workshop on my spring programme, or if you like the idea of a private workshop I can supply vouchers on that basis too.

And in case any daughters are looking, this one is my personal favourite!

Pink and lime green Mother's Day bouquet


Fabulous blue anemones!

Just couldn't resist putting some photos from Nicola and Simon's gorgeous spring wedding in the *featured wedding* spot in my gallery - just to inspire those of you who might be planning your own spring occasion! It's great to be able to use seasonal flowers where you can and there are just so many lovely ones available at this time of year, which might be difficult to get hold of in the summer or autumn seasons. For Nicola's navy blue and white theme these beautiful deep blue anemomes were the perfect complement - and now, whenever Nicola sees anemones in the shops and garden she will be reminded of her wedding day!

Blue anemone and white gerbera posies

Another bouquet to be won!

Ah, it was so great to be able to tell a lucky bride that she had won her bouquet  that I just couldn't resist running a  prize draw again at my lastest wedding fair - The William Cecil Wedding Showcase held on 9 March. If you were one of the brides attending the event you will be eligible for the prize draw if you subscribe to my monthly wedding flower newsletter here: (but make sure you do so before 10pm on Sunday 16th March or you'll miss the boat!).

But don't worry if you provided your details to me at my stand at The William Cecil as I will do the hard work for you - you just have to sit back and see if you have won one of these....

White & lilac spring bouquet

Wonderful world of wedding fairs...

It’s that time of year again and the wedding fair season is well underway. If you’re a bride-to-be you must have noticed all the signs and advertisements around at the moment – they’re everywhere! Held at hotels, stately homes, racetracks, show-grounds and all manner of venues, it seems that everyone wants to host a wedding fair.

Well, I’m a wedding supplier so I attend a few fairs myself. Obviously one of the main reasons I do is that it enables me to reach potential clients and showcase my floral designs in the hope that they will like what they see. But perhaps more importantly it enables me to chat to lots of people about their ideas for their special day and to get a feel for the sort of things that couples are looking for – and to get to know them a little better. I do believe that one of the most important things in getting the wedding that you are hoping for is to pick suppliers that you feel confident in and get on well with – you need to know that your suppliers will go the extra mile to get everything just right for you, and how can you tell that will happen unless you form a good relationship with them?

So if you’re a bride or a groom, what do you hope to get out of the wedding fairs you attend? Are you just hoping to come away with a fistful of leaflets that will probably very quickly end up at the bottom of a heap of papers? Are you there to take a good look at the venue and how it handles things on a very busy day? Or are you hoping to get inspiration from the suppliers and their display stands so that you can decide on the things that are important for your own wedding? Of course it may just be that you are hoping to win the free reception, or even just the bottle of bubbly – and who can blame you!!!

I really would like to know what people are hoping to find at a wedding fair, and how as a supplier I can help to provide it. Answers on a postcard please!!

Helen Jane Floristry stand at The Haycock Wedding Fayre